In-company English classes

Regular continuous training courses under a modular scheme that allows you to train language skills, adapting to the needs of each student or group.


  • Text translations (general, specific, technical, scientific, legal).
  • Website translations.
  • Audios and videos translations.
  • Translation editing and review.
  • Writing texts, documents and presentations for conferences and seminars.

Preparation of international exams

We offer international exam training programs according to the student’s interests and level.
In today’s labour world, many job searches request knowledge in the language as well as certificates that guarantee this knowledge.
Through this program we emphasize the focus on the different certifications required.

Corporate workshops

We use simulations, filming and constant feedback to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement in all workshops.

  • Presentations and oratory
  • We work on how to structure a presentation to convey the content in a clear, concise and convincing manner, as well as presenting graphs, tables, etc. effectively. In order to capture and maintain the attention of the audience, optimizing gestural and body language.
    On the other hand, generating rhythm and emphasizing ideas with the power of the voice and anticipating and answering questions with confidence are other important factors that will also be worked on.

  • Meetings and negotiation
  • We work on how to participate actively and effectively in business meetings and focus on developing specific negotiation skills.
    The objectives to which we guide this workshop on one hand are to be able to interact in the initial conversations with spontaneity, present the agenda of a meeting reinforcing the objective and the expected result, connect and express their ideas safely and involve the participants requesting and providing opinions.
    On the other hand, that can handle all kinds of questions effectively and efficiently, create the right scenario to start the negotiation, present their proposals and arguments safely, express different degrees of agreement and disagreement and transform difficult comments and questions into opportunities.

  • Short workshops for travelers
  • We emphasize that participants can incorporate specific vocabulary to build trust and function comfortably and with absolute effectiveness during a business trip.
    The aspects to work are to place orders and make reservations, handle the vocabulary of airports and flights, customs and immigration, handle the vocabulary of lodging (check-in and check-out), complaints, request for information, participate in a business dinner or lunch, driving in different means of transport, renting a vehicle, shopping, touring, requesting recommendations of places and addresses and introducing to a foreign client or colleague.

  • Socialization and networking
  • With the purpose of developing functions, vocabulary and fluency to participate in situations of social and commercial interaction related to the business environment, we work on how to start a conversation at business events, how to keep each conversation to achieve specific purposes and build networks that generate opportunities of business.
    We emphasize training participants to discuss issues of relevance to the interlocutors, introduce themselves with confidence to generate interest and credibility, generate and maintain conversations through questions and comments, handle the vocabulary of familiar topics such as sports, gastronomy, tourist attractions, music, etc .; dialogue about the macro context of the resident country and the partner countries and strive to build networks that generate business opportunities.

  • Writing e-mails and reports
  • We focus on different types of mails in Business English and how to structure a specific report of each participant’s business field to be able to transmit the message in an effective, fast, correct, concise, cordial and clear way. We focus on starting with a clear idea of the purpose and the reader, structuring and organizing the ideas to facilitate their compression, adapting the style to the formality or complexity of the situation and writing texts that project a true professional image and have a positive visual impact.

  • Telephone calls and conference calls
  • We work on how to lead and participate in conference calls to communicate ideas convincingly and motivate the productive participation of the other members.
    For this, the student is oriented to introduce with confidence, to generate interest and credibility, managing phonological and cultural differences and maximizing their listening comprehension. Also, take notes that facilitate the concentration and understanding of ideas, keep the attention of the participants with the power of the voice and write effective minutes.

Benefits of studying with MAB


Face to face

Face to face

Classes in your office.



You can effortlessly take classes through your cell phone, tablet or computer.