MAB contributes to your personal and work progress through English language training for professionals.

In-company English classes

Regular continuous training courses under a modular scheme that allows you to train language skills, adapting to the needs of each student or group.

Corporate workshops

Presentations and oratory. Meetings and negotiation. Short workshops for travelers. Socialization and networking. Writing e-mails and reports. Telephone calls and conference calls.

Preparation of international exams

In today’s labour world, many job searches request knowledge in the language as well as certificates that support such knowledge. We offer exam training programs according to the student’s interests and level.


Text translations (general, specific, technical, scientific, legal). Website translations. Editing and revision of translations. Writing texts, documents and presentations for conferences and seminars.


Listening comprehension:

It will improve understanding owing to various listening incentives such as videos, audios and oratories.

Reading comprehension:

The student will develop the analysis and interpretation of texts.


It will strengthen your oral expression in English achieving an excellent level of fluency and specific vocabulary.


Identify the situation in order to interpret and characterize their own cognitive and emotional processes.

Applied creativity:

It will stimulate the integration of logic and creativity in order to find various solutions and alternatives to the situations presented.


It will sow a cooperative, motivating, cheerful and inclusive work environment among its members in order to reap enriching connections.


Face to face

Face to face

Classes in your office.



You can effortlessly take classes through your cell phone, tablet or computer.

About Us.

At MAB we believe that trust is essential both among teachers and between them and their students. We invest in a capable, passionate and dynamic team as it is our most valuable asset. We promote a pleasant and flexible work environment with the pleasure of stimulating commitment and performance, using language as a space for reflection and growth.

We invite you to discover a new way to open paths.

classes per year

video-calls by week