About Us

About Us.

MAB Language Services

Our mission

We are a young company focused on training and development in the English language for professionals working in the business world. In order to contribute to their work and personal progress.

Our vision

Be a recognized English consultant for the learning experiences offered to the students.

Our pillars


Development tracking

Continuous supervision and attention to the progress that each student makes in order to detect strengths and weaknesses in advance. We seek the best performance and benefit for each client through monthly informal follow-ups on the topics addressed in classes and at the end of each cycle an evaluation (written and oral).


Teaching quality

We invest in a capable, passionate and dynamic team as it is our most valuable asset. We promote a pleasant and flexible work environment with the pleasure of stimulating commitment and performance, using language as a space for reflection and growth.


Change management

We promote the path to change both personal and professional through various educational incentives i. We assist the internal search of the student so that it can detect their opportunities, strengths, weaknesses and threats in order to work and develop them.

Our values


It is what we feel day by day for what we do trying to transmit it and communicate it.


At MAB, we believe that this bond is essential both among teachers and between them and their students.


"Without laughter there are no days." That is why we sow fresh, dynamic and cheerful work environments.


Nothing is more beautiful than valuing, thanking and being grateful for the effort made towards your workmates and yourself.


We seek to be honest in words, in intention and in deeds.